List of Publications and Conference Presentations


Published Work

Book Review, The Routledge Anthology of Restoration and Eighteenth-Century Performance. The Scriblerian and the Kit-Cats, TK.

Performance Review, The Walker Art Center’s 2014 Out There Series, Theatre Journal, 66:3 (October 2014): 454-458.

Book Review, On the Uses of the Fantastic in Modern Theatre. Theatre Survey, 52:1 (May 2011):  203-205.

Performance Review, Tony Kushner’s The Intelligent Homosexual’s Guide to Capitalism and Socialism with a Key to the Scriptures, Theatre Journal, 61:4 (December 2009): 623-624.

Book Review, 'Divine Thalie': the Career of Jeanne Quinault, Theatre History Studies, 29 (2009): 244-246.

Book Review, Postdramatic Theatre, Theatre Topics, 18:2 (September 2008): 248-249.

Performance Review, Dark Nights: The Museum Soliloquies, Theatre Journal, 59:4 (December 2007): 651-652.

Book Review, Women on Stage in Stuart Drama, Theatre Journal, 59:3 (October 2007):  537-539.

Performance Review, Reeling, Theatre Journal, 58:4 (December 2006): 671-672.

National Conference Organizer
Co-organizer of the Pre-Conference to the Association for Theatre in Higher Education Annual Conference, "Dreaming of Theatre History: Pedagogy in the Trenches," co-sponsored by the Theatre History and Theatre as a Liberal Art Focus Groups.  Scottsdale, AZ, July 2014.

Conference Presentations – National

Mid-America Theatre Conference (MATC) - Columbus, March 2019.

Paper: “Writing Corporeal Invention in Theatre History”

Chaired Pedagogy Panel: “Politics, Social Justice and Diversity”

Chaired History Panel: “Inspirational Influence: Reconsidering Context”

The American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies (ASECS) - Denver, Co., March 2019.

Paper: “Liveness” and Looking in the 18th and 21st Centuries.”

American Society for Theatre Research (ASTR) - Atlanta, GA, November 2017

Paper for the Working Group on "I'm the Witch, You're the World”: “Performing the ‘Witch’ and Mastering the ‘Woman’ in The Masque of Queens.” **While my paper was sent to and discussed by the group, a last-minute/unexpected sickness in my family prevented me from attending this conference.

ASTR Annual Conference - Minneapolis, MN, November 2016

Paper for the Working Group on Amateur Acts: “The Aged Amateur”


Association for Theater in Higher Education (ATHE) - Chicago, IL, August 2016

Panelist: "Bodies of Work 1986: Theatre and Academia at the Birth of ATHE"


ASTR Annual Conference - Portland, OR, November 2015

Paper for the Working Group on Postdramatic Theatre:  “Postdramatic Theater and the Non-Actor”


MATC – Kansas City, MO, March 2015.

Presented Paper:  “The Ethical Act in Postdramatic Theater: To Look or Not to Look”

ChairedPanel:  "Liberated Spectators"

Acted in Playwriting Symposium:  Spoken Roses by Peter Wood

Mentored Undergraduate:  Kathleen Cueller from Trinity University

Worked with St. Olaf College undergraduate student, Adam Levonian, to develop his theatre history (TH271) class paper(“Helen Resurrected: Objectification and the Presence of the Body in Ellen McLaughlin’s The Trojan Women”) for presentation in the undergraduate panel at MATC.


ATHE Preconference (Theatre History and Theatre as a Liberal Art Focus Groups) – Scottsdale, AZ, July 2014.

Presented Paper:  “Dramaturgy, Digital Archives and Teaching Theatre History”


ASTR Annual Conference – Dallas, TX, November 2013

Paper for Working Group on Postdramatic Theatre:  “Is There Theatre Without an Actor?:  She She Pop and the Postdramatic Non-Actor”


ATHE Annual Conference – Orlando, Florida, August 2013

Presented Paper on “Paths from the Chicken Coop: Interdisciplinary Work and the NTT”


ATHE Annual Conference – Washington, DC, August 2012

Organized Panel on: “Interdisciplinary Performance in the Liberal Arts:  Challenges, Strategies and Success Stories”


MATC – Chicago, IL, March 2012

Paper:  “Working with Graduates:  Nurturing New Relationships through the Work of Theatre”

Worked with St. Olaf College undergraduate student, Ryan Evans, to develop his theatre history (TH271) class paper(“Universality in Pullman Car Hiawatha: Transportive and Communicative Technologies of the Second Industrial Revolution and their Influence on Thornton Wilder and Early 20th Century Theatre”) for presentation in the undergraduate panel at MATC.


MATC – Minneapolis, MA, March 2011

Paper:  “The A.R.T. Four: Company, Quality and the American Repertory Theatre”

Chair for History Symposium Session:  “The Broken Piggy Bank:  Funding and Finances of Theatre Companies”


ASTR Annual Conference– Seattle, WA, 2010

Co-chair and organizer of Working Session #23 “The Power of Absent Bodies”


MATC - Cleveland Ohio, 2010

Paper:   "Kushner and The Guthrie: A Match Made in America"

Chair for History Symposium Session: "Ballyhoo Old and New:  Ceremonies, Stunts and Targeted Mischief!"


ATHE Annual Conference– New York City, 2009

Paper:  “Bacon, the Masques and the “Price of Looking”


MATC– Chicago, 2009

Paper:  “Off the Beaten Track: Driveways, Puppetry and the Art of Making Contact”

Chair for History Symposium Session: “Classing up Adaptations”


ASTR – Phoenix, 2007

Paper:  “Making Space:  Meeting Neighbors in The Driveway Tour”


ATHE – New Orleans, 2007

Paper: “Revisiting Adorno’s Autonomous Artwork: Questioning the Reality and Efficacy of ‘Practice’ Separated from ‘Theory’”


MATC– Minneapolis, 2007

Paper:  “Marking the Moment of Indecorum or How the Performer Fails the Performance”


AAG (Association of American Geographers) – Chicago, 2006.

Paper:  “Erasing the Strange: The Masque of Queens and the Place of the Antimasque”


ASTR - Las Vegas, 2004

Paper: “The Loathsome Sight:  The Masque of Blackness and the Contagious Body of a Woman”


MATC - Chicago, 2004

Paper:  “Encountering Strangeness in the Queen’s Masques:  Witches, Blackamores and Bare-Armed Bodies”


Group for Early Modern Cultural Studies - Newport Beach, 2003

Paper:  “The Horse, The Poodle, and The Woman: Goethe and Karoline Jagemann”


ASTR - Philadelphia, 2002

Paper:  “The Haunted Immediate:  A Rearticulation of Geist in the Discourse of German Expressionism”


Graduate Student Conference, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2002

Paper:  “The Sorrows of a Not-So-Young Goethe on the Stage of the Weimar Court Theatre”


Space, Place, and Memory Symposium, University of Minnesota, 2001

Paper:  “Weimar on the 5th of December, Toward Evening, On a Still Night.”


Roundtables/Working Groups (National)

ASTR – Dallas, TX 2013

Book Discussion Group – Theatre History Focus Group (Association for Theatre in Higher Education)


ASTR - Las Vegas, 2004

National Identity/National Culture Working Group

Paper:  “The Early Theatre of Ernst Toller and the Enactment of Nation”


ATHE  - Toronto, 2004

Panel: “Mama’s Gonna Buy You a Looking Glass:  Balancing Family, Art and Academe on the Tenure Track and Beyond”