Courses teaching at Hamilton College

THETR/EDUC241 Theatre for Social Change: Youth and Education

THETR307 History of Theatre

THETR205 Performing Women

THETR204 Collaborative Playmaking: Creating Dynamic and Original Physical Theatre

THETR201 Acting Styles: Theatricalism and the Avant-Garde

THETR100 Introduction to Making Theatre: Theory and Practice

Courses taught at University of Wisconsin - La Crosse

THA250 Theatre Studies I: Origins through Middle Ages

THA251 Theatre Studies II: Renaissance through 1880

THA210 Foundations of Theatrical Production: Script Analysis

THA110 Theatre Appreciation

THA420/520 Directing

Courses taught at St. Olaf College

Theatre Courses:

TH110 Introduction to Theatre                 

TH115:  Acting for Non-Majors                

TH130 Introduction to Acting                   

TH180 Text & Performance                     

TH230 Intermediate Acting                      

TH270: History of Theatre up to 1700                                         

TH271: History of Theatre 1700 – Present           

TH360: Senior Capstone Course              

 Interdisciplinary Courses:

IS214: Theatre and Science                    

GE111: The Monstrous (First-Year Writing Course)                          

WRIT110A Skills in Composition              

ID 294 Leaders for Social Change            

The American Conversation Program  (AmCon 102, 201 and 202)

The Great Conversation Program(GC113, 115, 116, 217, 218)


Independent Studies on:

The Role and Impact of Women within Chicanx Performance

Gender and Sexuality in Performance

Independent Research Supervision on Children’s Theatre

Feminist Playwrights

Contemporary Norwegian Performance           

Ancient Greek Performance                          

Activist Performance

Contemporary British Theatre            

The Mediatization of "Woman" in the Contemporary US Pop Culture

Gender, Sexuality and Dionysus:  Modern and Postmodern Theatre  

Feminist Performance

Theatre as Autonomous Art   

Contemporary Puppetry Performance

Contemporary Japanese Performance

Stage Management                         


Courses taught at the University of Minnesota

TH4178:  Survey of Dramatic Literature II(2007)                         

[supervised student independent research project on Chinese performance and globalization]

TH1111 and TH1101: Introduction to Theatre (2006)                   

TH3120: Bodies in Performance:  A Critical and Creative Exploration of Performance Art(2005)

TH1301: Acting for Non-Majors(2004)                                       


Courses taught at Macalester College

Sources of Global Performance(2007)                                        

Modern Global Performance(2008)                                                         

Sample Syllabus for TH110 "Introduction to Theater" (Fall 2014)